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Time travel

Rusty Mind Band - 3
Rusty Mind Band - 3

Bjarne is back, now 3. Pictures are from old material.

Still working only in my studio.

Rusty Mind Band - 2
Rusty Mind Band - 2

Split up, 2 left.

We work mostly with our own things,

and only in my studio.

Per Jørn

Rusty Mind Band - 4

Per Jørn

Benny Ejnar

Direct recordings from rehearsal room

Gear upgraded over time from analog to digital and I think the difference can be heard.


1965 -1975

Bjarne Benny Ejnar Per

Musik - 1 of 1 (1).jpeg

1975 - 1979

Per Laust Benny


2010. From rehearsal room, analog equipment, directly from mixer FOH out.

1972. All these recordings were found on an old cassette tape, label 1972. Not sure if the year is correct, but remember how they were recorded.

Cassette recorder with cheap microphone hanging from the ceiling

Time Travel

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